Thursday, January 01, 2009

Gregorian New Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome, 2009! It's amazing how time flies, isn't it?

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday.

As is my tradition, I set out my annual tarot reading that I will now share with you.

January will be filled with artistic endeavors. An artist will be in the present, and I have a strong feeling that artist is me.
February is a triumphant return. I will see my desires realized, the results of efforts I have put forth.
In March, I need to be careful with money, paying particular attention to not missing any bills. In this day and age, that gets more and more likely.
April will be a time to slow down, lest I rush at whatever I am trying to do.
May will see many losses, but there will be a bright side if I know where to look.
In June, I will be looking at success after hardship. My destination is in sight.
July will see an achievement of goals.
But August will be a time when I am out of balance and frustrated.
September will see a project end, but not finished.
I need to be careful and pay attention in October.
In November, things will look up, but slowly and gradually, the way they are meant to.
December will bring me a resolution and a compromise.
Over all for the year, I'm looking at much meditation and reflection, and I need to accept help when it is offered.

Most people have ups and downs in their lives. If this reading comes exactly to pass (which they rarely do), this is no different than any other day-to-day. I am planning to open a web store in the coming year, and I know I will be crocheting my fingers off this month to plan for it. Maybe it will be ready in February, maybe July. I realize that opening any kind of shop in this economy is pretty silly. I think I'm going about it in a safe way, but I'll have to save the details for when things are ready. The end of the year will be tough, but it looks like it will turn out ok.

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