Friday, January 30, 2009

When Morons Speak

When I came into work this morning, WAM was speaking with Adolf about how a 5% paycut isn't going to be that bad because it's just like what we were making before out last annual raise, and that she didn't understand why some people were making a big deal about it.

Sure, it won't be that bad for WAM, who is more than forty years old and still lives with her mother. It won't be that bad for Adolf either, who also still lives with his mother and younger brother. These people need to shut up.

If nothing has changed in your life since the last time you were at this salary, like it has not for these two, a paycut isn't a big deal. However, if things did change, like me moving out of my parents' home or LDS having a baby (and her unemployed partner having one too), a paycut of any size is a big deal.

I'm quite thankful that WAM didn't come to me with her point of view. I would have told her off, loudly. As I was listening to her, I was thinking of what I would have to say to make it very clear that she knows nothing about living. She knows nothing about the situation of others and needs to stop making judgments about people she knows nothing about.

I wish I didn't spend most of the morning angry about her insensitive and ignorant words. It's better now since the chances of her approaching me with that same topic are decreasing with every hour.

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