Tuesday, January 27, 2009


From my new desk, I can clearly see the turn-in for my office building. It started to snow in the early AM, but it's been so cold that nothing really melted, it's just been snow.

It's been light powdery snow which is deceptive. See, people will drive on that and notice that it's not so bad, until more and more people drive on that. That packs it down, and creates friction which melts the snow, but it's so cold that it freezes. Ta-da! Near-instant ice.

The little group by the windows where I am have been trying not to laugh too hard at the people who slide while trying to turn onto the drive.

Someone just came by to plow the drive, so hopefully that means it won't be too bad by the time we're all leaving. Though, no one has plowed the access road to the drive yet. Maybe it will be done by quitting time. Of course, that's also when the snow is supposed to turn to ice.

I just hope it doesn't mean I'll be stuck here all night!

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