Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Cold Moon

Another method of naming moons is based on the energy of the Esbat in question. These names may or may not repeat from year to year. It is by this system, which I take from the guidelines of 7th House, that I will name the moons this year.

I had an opportunity to join the Shadow Grove community for an Esbat on this day. I have only been to their Sabbat rituals, but I must admit that I did not plan to attend this Esbat. That ended up working well, as the hostess had to cancel.

I wear a protection amulet around my ankle. Every now and then, it will break and fall off. When a protection amulet breaks, it is said that it served its purpose, successfully protected you in some way, and needs to be replaced for the protection to continue. My amulet broke just last week. This was a perfect time for me to recast.

I gathered my materials and cast my circle. I make the amulet out of a single piece of white cotton cord, white being a color of purity and protection. Using only my fingers, I made a chain with the cord (it's just like a chain in crocheting, without the use of a hook). I then summoned my energy, filled it with images of shields and walls and strength and, one by one, tied nine knots in the cord. Nine, having always been a magickal number, is special and significant to me personally. When that was done, I charged my amulet with Reiki, and tied it about my ankle where it will remain until it breaks and a new one needs to be made.

I rarely need to recharge these, and one tends to last for years before I need to make another. I feel fortunate that I did not have to wait long for the next full moon to replace it.

In other news, Mercury went retrograde today, and will remain so until February first. Mercury is tied to communication and things moving forward smoothly. During the retrograde, you can expect to see miscommunications and interruptions. It is a good time to finish projects that you have already started, but not to start new ones. I hope you all fare well!

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