Friday, January 23, 2009

I Must Admit

Moon told me that she sometimes buys yarn at Walmart. She doesn't like supporting that particular corporation, but must admit they have the best prices and a good selection.

Now, I hate that store. I rarely go into one that is not overly crowded and feels dirty and unorganized. The store in Daytona wasn't so bad. Some of them around here are better than what is near my parents house, but still filled with too many people and not feeling very clean.

I am slowly running out of the color that I use for my gnomes' faces. I've checked two Michael's, a Jo Ann's, and an AC Moore. It seems that they're just not selling it anymore. I needed to go to Target, and there is a Walmart right nearby. I decided to check for the color that I need, and surprising enough, they had tons of it. I must admit, the evil Walmart came through. And it seems it would be a good idea to check there first.

Sad, but true.

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