Friday, January 02, 2009

New Beginnings

Those of you who know me, or spend even a little time here, know that I am an artist. My artistic interests are many and varied, from digital art to music to dolls. A number of folks have asked when I plan to start selling the things that I make. The answer, my friendly blog readers, is soon!

Back in my days as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, one very important point was drilled into my head. It is just one part of a great business model that I took to heart and have never forgotten. I have offered it to shopkeepers asking for opinions, to friends when they ask why I don't have a shop of my own, and it is at the front of my mind when I am shopping myself. I know you want to hear it, and I want to tell it to you.

"You can't sell from an empty wagon."

As a consumer, and we all are, I know this is true. It is something that I often sum up simply in the phrase "instant gratification." If I buy something, I want it now. I want to see what my money got me, put the thing to use, know I have what I wanted or needed. Some waiting is allowed for things like shipping, but if I have to wait for things like building or making, I will likely go some other place. If what is in the store is simply an idea, that is not something I am likely to buy. So, my shop needs inventory.

Over the course of the next month or so, I will be making inventory. I have great ideas for what will be offered in my shop, but to keep the starting out simple, I will have only four categories. Four items among two of them are already completed, and one will be finished before the week is out. That's a good start, isn't it?

You already know most of what will be found in my store. And, if you missed it, click the label "crafts" and see what I've been up to. As of today, that label will get its own blog, and I hope you will come often to get information about my products and see what's new in the shop, once the shop arrives. A website devoted to this endeavor will be coming to the interwebs soon as well.

In other news, Jeff Dunham is going to be at the Patriot Center this evening. Phoenix and I and a few of our friends have tickets! As a student of ventriloquism, I am very excited to see a live performer. I've seen puppeteers who are not ventriloquists, and many TV shows and DVDs, and I know much about the art from my own studies. But, nothing compares to being able to see a professional ventriloquist in action. I am very excited!

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