Monday, January 19, 2009


That's what you're supposed to do today. If you're one of those lucky people who had the day off, you were supposed to spend it giving back to your community.

If you were like me and had to work (even though all the companies that service your business had off, so you really had nothing to do today), it's a little harder.

But, not impossible.

I gave blood. With the inauguration tomorrow, and therefore the major influx of tourists to the area, there is a need for all types of blood. It didn't strike me that this even was a holiday until I was sitting in the rest area eating some cookies and drinking some juice and listening to the radio they were playing. Then, it hit me that this was a perfectly fine way to commemorate this unique holiday.

I'm a little woozy; I've learned that enough food and extra water are great if you're going to give blood, but a good night's sleep would have helped too. I did the part that I could do today. What did you do? How do you serve the people sharing this world with you?

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