Wednesday, June 15, 2005


That's how many dollars it took to fix my car. (No joke, $666.35) I'm so glad Friday is payday so I can cover this. The good news is that I could stop on a dime! It won't last too long, but it's nice right now.

Tonight, we are the race committee. Every week, one boat in the fleet is responsible for keeping official race time, starting the race, setting the course, and taking finishing times (not in that order!). It's a bit of a drag because we don't sail ourselves, but it's fun because we hang out on the boat and have a little party. Here's hoping for a long race and lots of time to relax!

I may have mentioned that, by the nature of my job, I see all the mistakes that the people in my department make. After bringing them to my supervisor, who did nothing with them, it was decided to bring them to my manager instead. She's been doing great, except she almost told me to bring them to the rep whom she designates to 're-train' the people who make these mistakes. We'll call this person Sam. I don't like Sam very much. Sam is arrogant and seems to think that they are better than everyone else. All of management sings Sam's praises. (what Sam really does is recruit other people to do the work while Sam gets all the credit.) It's out of my hands after I bring mistakes to the manager, but I do not want to bring them to Sam. I feel Sam really shouldn't be the one who knows about everyone's mistakes. Thankfully, my manager said to continue to bring them to her before I could say that I would rather do so. We'll keep our eye on that.

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