Sunday, June 26, 2005

I Called It!

We didn't get home until 0200 or so!

Lets see.... We didn't look at any shows, but wandered around all the shops. I had a few things on my list; a quartz cluster (check), possibly a pendulum (check), a circlet (my dad got one, but I haven't found one that I like yet), and something unique that will make people stop and ask me where it came from (kinda check).

So, I found a very pretty quartz cluster that creates a sort of three point stand. It is small, but what I was trying to find. The pendulum is a point of flourite, mostly purple with clear bands to the point. My current pendulum is wood so a stone one is pretty neat. The unique thing is two-fold. I bought a little toy dragon that is very cute (he's all shiney like he has scales). The other one is a feather rose. See, the MD Renaissance Festival has rose sellers, they walk around selling real roses. Here, the roses were made out of dyed feathers (buds, blooms, leaves, all), and they were very pretty. I think I'll have to put that in a hat.

Today, my Dad and I are kayaking for his birthday. We plan to go down that creek that I've been wanting to paddle. It's going to be fun!