Friday, June 10, 2005

I Called It

Yup, tough day. Through all of my day, I felt like the kid who had to stay inside durning recess while everyone else was outside playing. I'm just a little tired.

So tired, in fact, that I needed actual food. The Slim-Fast shakes that I've been having for the past month and a half just wasn't giving me any energy today. (Mind you, I think they work, combined with my exercise, but somedays you just need something with substance!)

I found a website that will print a design on an object (t-shirt, sticker, tote bag, mug, mouse pad, etc) and sell it to people. They also print books. And yes, I get profits, if anyone wants to know. Look for the link to come up on the right soon! This is what I did when I could have been more productive at work today.

I mentioned a reader account and my Secure section yesterday. I was going to post my stories there for those who are interested (but I have to give you permission to view them!), but you could always buy the self-published book when I'm done with it! Let me know which you would want to do (even both!) and I'll be happy to get it up and running!

I'm going to bed! Good night!