Saturday, June 04, 2005

LL Bean First Annual Paddle Festival

And, hu-rah, was it fun!

It was just like the kayak demo days that my friend brought me to, except in addition to trying a whole bunch of kayaks, they also had some lessons, touring tips, fish painting, and food! And to top it all off, it was all free (well, not the food, but everything else)!

They had us park our cars at a local park (that usually charges a fee to do so, but not for this event!) and then they shuttled us over to the site (the shuttle was free too).

There were a lot of manufacturers there. I got to try the Prowler 13 (angler edition) that I had been looking at. It takes on more water than my Hobie, and is harder to turn because it's longer, but it's a very nice little boat. Filed for the future since I'm happy with my Sunshiney Kayak. I put my mother in a Perception Sundance, and she really liked it. I've tried that one also, so I was sure it would be good for her.

The fish painting I will have to explain. They had big rubber fish and other nautical stamps. You paint the fish or stamp, then flip it over and slap it on a t-shirt. Viola! Fish-painted t-shirt! My mother and I both made one (and, you guessed it, free!).

Then we went shopping and I bought a water resistant bag and a kayaking shirt and some kayaking shoes. It was a long day! :-*