Monday, June 13, 2005

Poor Sick Hedwig

Dear boss, I write these words to you to tell you of my plight.
For at the time of writing this, I am not a pretty sight.
My body is all black and bruised, my face a ghastly gray
So I hope you'll understand why I am not at work today.

My poor purple Saturn is very very sick. Her drums need replacing, her rotors are worn out, her break pads are gone, and she's overdue for an oil change.

Now, I know my car has made that sound before, and I was right. It was last April, when the front rotors were replaced. The good news is they were under warranty. The bad news is that it was a one-year warranty. That's right, it's been up for 2 months. With everything, the estimate is about $750.

The place where we take our cars is owned by a family who used to babysit my brother and I as children. I trust their work, and I know they will give me the best price possible. They're going to talk to the supplier if they can work out a deal on the warranty or something. Here's hoping!