Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mid-Week Paddle

Tonight, my dad and I put our 'yaks in the water at Patuxent Wetlands Park. We were out for a bit more than an hour, going up the river and back.

It was so lovely, a handfull of anglers on shore and one in an Ocean Kayak with us. The water was still and the birds were chirping and the turtles poked their heads up every now and then. It was so calm that we didn't want to put the paddle in the water, like breaking the silence was an affront to nature around us. We think we saw a muskrat swim by too.

I have got to spend more time there. And it makes me that much more excited to go down Mattaponi Creek too.

On a very angering note, there were some teenagers horsing around in the parking lot. I cleaned up the garbage they left on the ground, but I couldn't get the crap they threw into the river. Some people need to be drug out by the hair and have things done to them that I'm not going to talk about here, because I love the Goddess and all Her people and I know She will punish those who do not respect Her life.