Thursday, June 23, 2005


Story time! (short version)

Years and years ago (like 14 or 15), I met this wonderful girl in school and we developed a great friendship together. In the years as we grew, she moved. First out of state, then down the street from there, at one point out of the country altogether!

We tried being pen pals (both of us had said that we always wanted one) and for a few years, it worked. I remember, when she was out of the country, she sent me a letter and stated what college she would be attending. Then for a very long time after that, there was no communication. One day, I had enough, so I went through her college's student directory and came across an e-mail that might have been hers (it helps to have a bit of a unique name, but don't couple that with a super common name, I'll talk more on that later!). As it turns out, I was right! And our contact was renewed!

Of course, she's got the benefit that my address and phone number hasn't changed in years, but hey!

This story gets told because she called while I was sailing last night. She'll be in the area again next week and we're going to try to meet at least for dinner or something! She's really not that far away, but these things are always easier when someone doesn't have to go 100 miles or so. Happy happy joy joy! This fantastic person has the distinction of being my oldest friend (in terms of years of friendship). In all honesty, it's mostly my fault for being lax in my replies. I am going to work on that, I promise!

In other news, I was taking the things out of my bag that I would need durning the day at work. I moved them to the right side of my desk. While sitting there, I realized I didn't have my cell phone and thought I should get it out of my bag and turn it on. (You know, it's always when you don't have it that someone wants to call you). All morning, I'm thinking about it, and then I decide to get it and slide back from the desk to find it sitting on the left! (NOT on the right where I put everything!) And, there was a voicemail (friend wanted me to know he took the 'yak out, calling each other is a safety thing we do). At least the phone hasn't learned to turn itself on, but it is taking itself out of the bag! =D