Saturday, May 10, 2008

Better About It

Mom and I made the trek to see Aunt Betty today.

We had both expected her to be rather feeble, but she was spry and energetic as ever. She told us she had been ordered to not use her left arm (but mentioned in a sneaky tone that she does anyway) and is only a little frustrated that she can't yet put weight on her hip.

Her daughter had taken her dog to New Mexico, something we were all worried about, and we learned she made the trip just fine. Aunt Betty will be moving when she's back on her feet. We'll all be sorry to see her go, but it is for the best.

We might be getting my grandmother to entertain the idea of moving out. Her home was burglarized on Monday when she and my aunt were at a doctor's office. My grandmother has been very lucky for all the years she's lived there and never had a problem. She did get an alarm system several years ago, but it went off in the middle of the night and she stopped using it. She had a new system put in yesterday. Hopefully this one is less sensitive and she'll actually use it. I must say that I'm thankful that my aunt didn't just take the car and go somewhere because then my grandmother would have been home when they broke in. When one thing passes, something else happens.

I'm taking mom to see Iron Man. How's that for Mother's Day?

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Anonymous said...

I am glad aunt Betty is better & sorry about your grandmothers house.