Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Am Still Working

I have several projects I'm working on that have deadlines when I need them done. Then there's this pack-up-my-life-and-move thing getting in the way. I'm finding time here and there to work on my projects and equally so with packing. Everything is slow going.

We're supposed to sign on Saturday, at 1100. I'm kind of nervous about it. Not because I'm worried we won't get it or anything. You must understand, I've lived in the same house all my life. Moving out is daunting. And to top it all off, I'm way too old to be intimidated by that.

Virginia has some annoying laws. I have to get a new license and tags for my car and switch the title in thirty days. They also have annual safety inspections. The thing is, I'll likely move back to Maryland when my roomie goes to medical school (assuming that's not going to be local to our place). Then, I'll have to go through it all again. Annoying.

I really have my heart set on taking Miss Luna with me now. I know Callie can't come, but I think she'll be happier with no other cats around. I don't know if I'll be able to have Miss Luna. I'm really hoping that works out.

I got rid of half of my shoes today. You must know, for a female, that's quite a feat! What do I need so many shoes for anyway? I still have too many, but they've been reduced by half. Go me!

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