Monday, May 26, 2008

Set A Budget

That's what they say, but I wonder how many people actually do that.

I've been sleeping on a twin bed all my life, so it's time I graduate to something a little bigger. In celebration of my impending move, mom and I went to IKEA to buy a bed, and a desk, and maybe a couch, and possibly a chair or two. I did find a desk and a chair and a lamp and a mattress, but the bed and couch will have to wait for a bigger vehicle. That just means that we'll load up the little moving van at the house, drive to the IKEA, with the capable Monty behind the wheel, so I can buy the bed and couch, and then head over to the new place. Hopefully, they will still have what I want.

We also hit up Target for some sheets and towels and a cabinet that I put together that mom doesn't want to part with. Shopping is exhausting! Just like packing, which is moving along so much slower than I really want it to.

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