Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Don't Want to Talk About Today

It started at 0200 with a call from my grandmother that I never want to get again. Everything is as fine as it can be right now, but it did not make for a fun day.

How about some pictures instead? This first one is a fuzzy shot of the bear that Miss Luna cuddled up to and the second bear I made out of a sparkly mohair. Both of these were slightly altered patterns from one of my books. Each bear took about three hours to complete.

Next, we have a magpie. It's a kind of bird, if you don't know. It's not a penguin. I put of the really fuzzy side image so you can see this little bird has a bird-like tail that a penguin does not have. This was also from one of my books; while I know I followed the pattern right, my bird looks thoroughly unlike the one in the book. I like my magpie better. He was done in about two hours.

This kokeshi-style doll is one of my favorites. She took a lot of time, maybe five or six hours. She's also quite large compared to some of the other things I've done. This was from a pattern that I bought from a seller on Etsy. I added the bow in the back myself. It just didn't look right to have a Japanese style of doll without a properly tied obi. Part of what I was hoping to learn from this pattern was some hair tricks, which leads to... promised, Happy Doctor Gnome (and today ended up being a good day to think well of doctors). She took me somewhere in the three to four hour ballpark to complete. Her little doctoress's cape is fastened with a wooden bead as a button and is removable. Hair tricks from the kokeshi doll easily translated to what I was trying to get with Happy Doctor Gnome. Unlike my first gnome, her head and body were made as one piece, so she should be a bit more sturdy (not that the first gnome was floppy or unstable, I just worry that I don't sew tight enough). I am extremely pleased with her.

And here is the latest five all neatly in a row. You can see the kokeshi doll is decently bigger than Happy Doctor Gnome. I used a smaller hook for that too! I'm currently working on another project from the same pattern designer who made the kokeshi doll pattern, and I have a ton of yarn waiting for me to get a move on undines and dragons and sylphs, too.

I had mentioned to some coworkers that all the crocheting I've been doing has been very hard on my hands. Particularly because the size of the hook is written right where it is most natural to grip them, causing quite a bit of rubbing that is compounded by all the tension I put on my yarn. I splurged today and bought a "soft touch" hook. The handle is made of soft plastic and it is a lot easier on my hands than the aluminum ones I've been using. I'm afraid wood or plastic will break under the strain of the yarn. Yes, I work with it that tight. I'll need to get a few more sizes with this new kind of hook. I don't have any pictures of them, but I also made some pretty stitch counters. Maybe next time.

It's been a long, annoying day on many levels. I hope everyone has a better tomorrow than what my today was. Sweet, soft yarn dreams!


Anonymous said...

They are all so are so talented! I wish I could crochet like that...but you're right, it's hard on the hands (and the eyesight, in my case. I get all blurry-eyed). For some reason, looking at the pictures brightens my day...probably b/c they are so darn cute. Laurel

Fyrecreek said...

Thank you!

I need to revamp the gnome hats. They're a little too small. And I want to get started on the other elementals. I have some really awesome verigated blue yarn what would make a great undine, I'm not sure exactly how to work that out yet, though.

I'll try to get some more things made and some more pictures to keep your days bright. :)