Wednesday, April 30, 2008



I went to Target to pick up a sleeping bag for this weekend (and a couple other things I'm going to need) and, with no intention of actually buying anything, walked down the video game aisle. They had four Wiis behind the pretty clear glass. I had to consult with mom on this one, but we decided that we wanted one. I watched one get sold while we were waiting for the staff to bring up a patio set that mom also wanted. I let dad wait for that while I bought the Wii, and a good thing too, because it was the last one on the shelf when I got to it. I have a Wii!!

The patio set was a pain in the hand. Really! It was heavy and awkward and not going to fit in the trunk of my little Saturn. In the attempt to get it in the back seat, my hand slipped from the bottom of the box. This caused the middle fingernail on my left hand to break a good third into the quick of my nail bed. Yes, it hurt. Yes, it bled. Yes, I have a nice cushy bandage on it right now. Unfortunately, I crochet in an atypical way that requires the use of that finger (more than the typical way does), so I was not able to finish either of the two projects I'm working on like I wanted to.

Maybe it will be less sore by this evening. Maybe. The Wii probably won't get set up until next week. Maybe Monday when I'm off. Yeah, that'd be a good day to do that!

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Anonymous said...

Cool, Wii sounds like fun. Sorry to hear about the finger.