Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Go

I ended up telling Monty that I wasn't going to give him all that information. There are three reasons.

The first is that I'm not applying for a loan, he was trying to get me pre-qualified. All of that information should be unnecessary if we're not yet talking about an actual loan. And the other company that did give me a loan did not need all of that.

The second is that he offered to do this a month ago - when I was supposed to settle on the house. He is just now moving forward with this. That ship has already sailed, he took too long. I hope he deals with this clients better than his friends.

The third reason is that I've tried to support Monty's business before, and he's failed to come through. The previous time was when he owned a video rental and store. I placed two orders through him, one came in wrong and one never came in at all. I had to tell him that I would be more willing to divulge that insane amount of personal information (though I still insist that bank statements are not relevant, no one needs to know my banking history) if he had proven to be a reliable businessman. This month-long delay served to confirm that.

We're hoping to get together this weekend. I think we'll sit around and watch some anime. We haven't done that for a while.

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