Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This is Why I Have No Faith in the US Judicial System

I received a letter in the mail today informing me that the State of Maryland is not going to prosecute a case involving a name I don't recognize. That's all the letter stated.

So, being the researcher that I am, I hit the Internet, found the site for the District Court of Maryland (of Anne Arundel County where I do not live, no less), looked up the case number and sat baffled at the total lack of information contained therein.

This, apparently, was a criminal case of a theft of less than $500 that occured on February 19th of 2002. Ok...where was I in 2002....

The only thing this could possibly be about is a theft that happened while I was working as AssMan at the pharmacy in Annapolis. It took them six years to decide not to do anything with this case.

To top it all off, this was a petty theft that doesn't even compare with the incident that made me leave the pharmacy and not look back: the one where I was assaulted by a shoplifter but the company cared more about the thousands worth of perfume that was stolen some week or two later. Someone hit me, actually elbowed me in the ribs while pushing me aside and yes, it did leave a mark, but who cares? They were busy trying to fry this fish who took less than $500 worth of portable CD players.

When things are more important than people, you know you're in a bad situation. And when it takes six years to determine that it's not worth the bother of pursuing after all, you know you have a very flawed system.

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