Saturday, April 05, 2008

Road Trip

Mom and I went to visit my brother and sister-in-law at their new-to-us house in rural Virginia, to take my brother out to dinner for his birthday which was two weeks ago.

Hello, run-on sentence!

My brother's place is amazing. They have a cute little house that sits on nearly two acres of land that happens to be zoned for light agriculture. They hope to put a big fence around it (to protect it from all the residential plots on all sides) and maybe do some light agriculture things. Like keep chickens, alpaca, bees, have a little veggie garden, that kind of thing. The land also features lots of trees, an in-ground pool, and some sakura that were planted by a previous owner. SIL, Moon, said bro wanted to cut those trees down, but she convinced him to wait until spring so they could find out what they were. Imagine their surprise when they found a little grove of blooming sakura back there! It was also nice to see Ichus again.

We spent some time playing with their Wii, then we had a late lunch at Red Lobster, where we all ate way too much. Then we headed back to the house where we chatted over digesting and Moon got a chance to show off the amazing things she makes in her spare time (with hopes to turn it into a more lucrative business). Check out her incredible talent at Moon's Creations. You'll also find a link to her blog on the right.

Mom and I really had a great day visiting. It was like a little vacation, particularly since it takes us three hours to get there. We'll try to go again in June for Moon's birthday. I don't see nearly enough of them.

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