Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This Place is Making Me Sick

I didn't go to work yesterday. I woke up feeling miserable, I had a headache and felt nauseous. It wasn't a cold or virus, it was the mental stress of my job manifesting in my physical body. So, I spent the day sitting in front of movies surrounded by cats and crocheting. I don't crochet nearly as awesomely as Moon, but I was able to refine a few projects so they came out successfully based on the handful of pointers she gave me on Saturday.

I couldn't take another day off, so I'm back at work. Feeling sick. I feel dizzy and groggy and like I want to curl up with a blanket and a couple warm kitties and sleep. My body aches like it does when it gets a really nasty flu. But other than that, I feel fine. No coughing, no runny nose, no fever, there is nothing wrong with me.

It must be this place.

A former coworker and friend, Sunrising, works for a government contractor. I've recently reconnected with her on a completely not work related matter, and she said she would be happy to pass my resume on to their HR department. This could not have come at a more opportune time; my current job is making me sick. I'm not yet at the point where I'd rather be unemployed than deal with this place (that's the point I reached at the pharmacy), because I have goals and those scumsuckers aren't going to deter me. But, I also have a right to work at a place that doesn't make me ill.

Maybe all corporations are like this, but I think it usually takes a while to manifest. I've never spent more than five years in any one job anyway, though stability is nice.

Part of my task for yesterday was supposed to be polishing the resume and checking out what job opening at Sunrising's company seems appropriate for me, but I never got that far. That will be this evening's task. I also need to write up something for something I'm doing in May. I'll take care of that this evening too. No rest for the sick at work!

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