Friday, April 04, 2008

Learning Curve

Apparently, the learning curve in my office means that you are new for years and can never do wrong, even when you do wrong.

It's more like a level curve, actually. The people who have not progressed past the first level in their department are expected to be wrong, and the people who have are expected to be perfect and always correct the mistakes made by those who have never been promoted (not those people themselves).

My managers even admitted that my frustrations were warranted and that one of the things that someone had a problem with wasn't actually bad, it was just perceived bad, and that's my problem. They can do no wrong, I do all the wrong.

I can't be unemployed, I must comply.

For now.

LDS thinks we should go into business for ourselves. I think we should offer humanity coaching for corporations. We'll teach corporations how to deal with employed humans.

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