Friday, April 11, 2008

I Skipped Breakfast Today

I know I shouldn't, and I even really like the oatmeal that I brought, I just didn't take the time to prepare it. I had two cups of yummy kona blend coffee instead. I know, that's not food, but if I eat it now, I'll spoil my lunch! I almost grabbed some hummus from the fridge this morning, I wish I had, that sure would be yummy!

TG came by my desk yesterday and saw a deck of tarot cards next to some notes. She got all giddy and insisted that I do a reading for her. Well, we're not on the same schedule and she takes her lunch break at a different time than I do, but I'm sure we can work something out. She has already called me three times this morning: to ask if we can do it today, to tell me it will have to be another time because she has to go home for something, and to say we're back on because she's not going home after all. That girl is crazy!

WAM saw my cards too and got all giddy, but she didn't want a reading (I couldn't read for her anyway, for reasons that are multiple that I won't go into), instead she started to tell me about all the people she knows who read and who I should talk to about learning (I've been working with cards for more than a dozen years) and her wonderful psychic. I know she means well, usually.

Since TG wants to use my lunch break for cards, I think I should eat at least my sandwich before heading out. That way, I won't be chewing peanut butter and trying to tell her that Death doesn't really mean death (just as an example, Death may not come up at all!). And, since I told her I'd be taking lunch a little later, so she won't be taking lunch that much sooner, I won't have to wait any longer to eat my first meal of the day.

I feel a little disconnected, I think I'm writing that way too, yes? It's probably the lack of food and the abundance of coffee!


Anonymous said...

Skipping food lecture up comming. When we next see each other.

Fyrecreek said...

When you start eating 3 regular meals a day, then we can talk about this. :P