Wednesday, April 09, 2008

To Further Show

WAM got a talking to about her low overtime numbers this morning. I happen to agree; what she can do in two or more hours I can do in thirty minutes. But, with WAM, all I can do is listen politely and appear sympathetic.

Then, Adolf asked me for overtime. This week won't really work because I was off on Monday (and therefore won't actually get paid overtime for the overtime hours I work), but Adolf is insisting that the overtime they need calls for coming in on the weekend. I can't do that work in the morning or evenings during the week when I'm already in the area. No, I have to put more miles on my car and burn more gas (which the company is not going to compensate me for) and use my free time, weekends being the only time I get, to come in and help out a group that's too lazy to get their work done during the day.

The overtime that I do get paid is not worth this.

And, do you think Adolf comes in on the weekend? How about any of those guys who are not getting the job done during the week? Or, the people in the other group who should know how to do this stuff too? Additionally, the work that is needed is something I'm not particularly proficient at doing.

Fox and I were going to go riding on Sunday, but that's the day they want me to come in to work (and the previous and following Saturday too). Maybe I should call out sick again for them to realize that I am not happy being commanded to give them my weekends. I give them enough of my life. You know, commanded isn't even the right word. It's bullied. I'm being bullied into giving them my weekends. But then they start singing the "mandatory" song and there's nothing I can do if I want to keep my job (and I know better than to quit without having some other job).

All work and no play make for some very unhappy peons. And some very unhappy friends of peons too.

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