Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's Been Two Weeks

I talked to the sales lady today. She said that to sell one of those houses, she needs a letter from the current owners, which they haven't turned in yet. However, one of the neighbors asked the sales lady if they were selling, because they saw the current owners moving things out. This confirmed to the sales lady that they do, in fact, intend to sell and are just preparing.

She didn’t give me a time frame in which to call her back, but I’ll give it another two weeks. I’m expecting to hear from her before that. Moving probably won't be this month, but all is not lost. The current owners need more time to get the place ready for new occupants (aka, me and two cats and two dragons and their food), and that gives me more time to work and save (even though it seems like I can't count on overtime anymore)..

I don't think I told you about the overtime admonishment. I don't feel like talking about it now, though. I've been spending the day dreaming about an event at the beginning of May that I really want to go to, that's not that expensive (actually, I think it's rather cheap!) and proves to be a lot of fun. This means not a lot of work is getting done by me today. Oh well!

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