Friday, April 18, 2008

Hug a Bear

I finished the bear I was working on; the one that failed that resulted in the sundae. The best picture I could get was it being cuddled by a dozing Miss Luna.

I'm glad she didn't tear it up!

This bear was made with a pattern that I had to alter to make it work as I was using a smaller hook. I started on another bear from my book after finishing this one.

I also mixed up a henna potion so I can spend some time with mud on my head tomorrow.

Other than the fact that today's weather was gorgeous, that's all I can say about today.


Anonymous said...

Thats so cute. Hug her for me.

Fyrecreek said...

I'll do that!

That bear took so long, I think it came to some 10 hours! Adding arms and legs was the hardest, and I think that was because I was using a smaller hook than what the pattern called for, and so had to significantly adjust it. It came out incredibly cute though.