Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Soothsayer of Doom

Today was brunch day. We decided to go to the Kilarney House (a great little Irish place in Davidsonville) rather than our regular Buddy's in Annapolis. We didn't get to make that nice walk, but we did have better food and a more sophisticated atmosphere.

The Soothsayer of Doom is a friend and brunch regular who was telling us a story of her husband's recent kayaking mishap. I'm not going to retell it here, how about I just say it involved cold water and waste-deep sludge. Oh, and not calling so someone knew where he was. He's going to get a lecture about that from Fox and I when next we talk.

After brunch, Fox joined mom and I for some shopping at Trader Joe's and wandering around the shopping mall, since we didn't get our walk in because of the location of brunch and the rain.
That's it for the day!

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