Thursday, April 10, 2008

Keeping Things Straight

Two websites, three blogs, six e-mail addresses, no wonder I can't keep everything straight! A couple weeks ago, I registered for something. I used one e-mail to send the registration, noted a second e-mail as the e-mail to reach me, and paid via PayPal that is attached to yet another e-mail address. Sheesh!

When I woke up this morning, it felt like Friday. That doesn't translate into very good Thursdays.

But, actually, my Thursday hasn't been all that bad. Excepting that I'm very tired because I didn't sleep well, and that I was thirty minutes late because of a big bad accident, and that I'm still pretty unhappy with my current work situation. On the other hand, our annual employee surveys came out today, so I'll use the end of my day to fill it out. I told WAM to be prepared for "angry typing."

I've only mentioned a former coworker, Dot, once. She's not here anymore, but she's the one who coined "angry typing." I'm quite an efficient typist, and when I'm angry or upset about something, I type even faster. So, those within earshot of my keyboard clicks know the difference between normal, enthused, and angry typing. Despite the fact that I often expect to get reprimanded for speaking my mind on our (supposedly anonymous) employee surveys, I speak my mind nonetheless. Or, would that be type my mind?

Maybe some day I'll get a new keyboard that doesn't make so much noise when someone is typing faster than the computer can keep up. Seriously, IT guys have a problem when they need to work on something at my desk, and it's not just because I have my mouse on the left; some of the important letters are rubbed off! Letters like E, R, S, D, F, C, V, I, L, N, M, and A and T are on the way out. They always ask me if I want a new one because I can't see the letters. What do I need letters on the keyboard for? The eyes on the tips of my fingers know exactly where they are!

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