Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Full Flower Moon

This moon was so named because flowers are usually abundant during this time. My area saw more flowers last month than this one; we have been getting a lot of rain.

I did something a little different for this esbat. All my tools are still packed away. I had to put the home I was looking at (and hitting snags to get) on hold, and began looking at places to rent with someone I met at the Beltane festival. We have turned in our applications and are waiting to hear if we're accepted. Here's hoping!

I had thought about a spell to move this process along, but I made many appeals to Hestia when I started my new home search and felt it was a better idea to let that work run its course. I've been making a lot of things lately, things with spiritual significance and things without, so I decided to make one of these things in ritual.

I gathered my supplies and cast my circle around my work area. I was certain I would not finish in one night, so I programmed my circle to be permeable. Beings that meant no harm to the happenings within would be allowed to enter and leave freely (this includes myself and my cats), and beings that do mean harm would be deterred. The circle would remain until the task is complete.

Then, it was time to begin. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but needed some inspiration to make it a reality. I meditated with the materials before me and started working with them when I felt that I was ready to do so.

As I had prepared, I had to stop before it was done (oh, how we hate life to get in the way!), and I feel the project is successfully taking shape. I left my circle intact, to maintain the energies within when I began, and will continue this evening. I'm sorry that I cannot yet tell you what it is that I am making, though I hope my desire to do it in ritual will be apparent when that time comes.

This is, at it's core, no different than when I make a charm bag, except it is a bit more elaborate; I'm rather surprised that I never before thought of doing it. I also learned something about my creative process; something that I think I've always known, just never really admitted to. That is, I don't use patterns and generally have little more than an (often vague) idea on which to build. I suppose many great ideas grow into wondrous things from a small beginning. I create best without a plan. That was an amusing thing to learn about me.

I hope all of you had a wonderful esbat.

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