Friday, May 09, 2008

Unexpected Things

I bought some puppets on Etsy and expected them to arrive by yesterday or today. Sure enough, there they were yesterday. They're wonderful, and someday I'll have pictures. What I didn't expect was another package from a friend who lives far away.

In the nondescript envelope was an awesome pair of earrings and a truly unique matching necklace. Surprises are always so nice! Thank you, dear one.

I finished another garden gnome with a different style of hair and hat. At first, I wasn't too fond of it, but now I think it works pretty well. I'll get pictures soon. I'm hoping to finish the other two elementals before I take more pictures, though. I'm waiting for some new eyes, and I'm confident they will arrive today (or possibly tomorrow). My eye supplier is usually very quick to get orders in the mail, and she's actually not that far from me. I don't think I mentioned, this seller had a whole set of those soft crochet hooks like the one I bought a week ago. They're fabulous! And have really saved my hands.

Oh, to be home with my yarn.

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