Monday, May 05, 2008

Covered in Ticks

I spent the weekend with some friends at Prince William Forest Park. There were cabins and a bonfire pit and trails through the woods.

Each day was filled with quite a bit of hiking; it was a rather large area and we hardly saw any of it. There was a little creek that probably looks very neat after a good rain.

We also found a river (and I was told there was a lake, but we didn't actually find it). Somewhere, there was a waterfall. We could hear it from the fork in the river, but there was no crossing on either side for us to try to get to it.

The weather was just perfect all weekend. They had been calling for some rain on Saturday night, but there was none. It was beautiful.

I found a total of four ticks on me, and I'm still a little bug paranoid. I admit, I'm always bug paranoid. My friends kept laughing at me because I would scream in terror whenever a bug touched me. I was ok if they were just around, or even on my clothes but, if they're on my skin, I have a problem with them. Only one tick made it to my flesh, and none of them had bitten. Though, I'm still checking for ticks. If I missed any, they should be rather obvious in the next day or two. They said I reminded them of that bit from Goonies, "I like the dark, I love the dark. But I hate nature. I HATE nature!" I like nature! Just not the bugs, specifically the bugs that touch me!

My legs are really tired today!

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