Sunday, May 11, 2008


I was still in bed when mom went to church this morning. As soon as she left, I jumped up (maybe not literally) got myself together and sat among a pile of yarn. In the past, I've ran out to the store to get some flowers on Mother's Day. Yes, it's last minute, but I wouldn't be able to surprise her otherwise. This morning, while I was lying in bed before she left, inspiration for an alternative to my usual quick run to the store struck.

I surly don't have a picture yet, but I crocheted mom a smiling flower with blue petals and a yellow center. I put a pin back on it, stuck it on a floral stick, and found a vase. When mom got home, she put her smiling flower on the mantle.

Mom did express some regret that she couldn't really do what she wanted today. Fox and Fae had offered "whatever she wanted to do" today, but we were stuck cooking dinner to take to my grandmother's. I know mom was frustrated with a) having to cook and b) going to my grandmother's where she always gets stuck cleaning too. My aunt and I were able to help a little (it's hard in my grandmother's small kitchen).

There was one point when my grandmother asked my mother to do something, and I could tell she was really annoyed at having been asked where my uncle, who was right in front of the thing, was not asked to do it. My grandmother relies on her eldest more than anyone and it's hard for mom not to feel overburdened with it. Hopefully, grandmom will continue to entertain the assisted living idea and relieve some of that stress. She needs more help than she admits to needing, and we just can't do it all for her.

Mom took off work for the next two days. I hope she finds some time in there to rest. She needs it. She deserves it.

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