Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Short Dilemma

I have a Q-Link pendant that I bought more than two years ago and have worn every day since. It's supposed to balance your personal energy, in part by disbursing the electromagnetic waves that run through your body every day in this world of computers and cell phones. It's look is distinctive, some of the pendants almost have a steam punk flair. There are skeptics, and there are people who swear by what it does for them. I must have been getting some benefit if I wore the thing for two years.

I bought mine from an authorized seller on e-Bay. At the time, it was the simplest (and most affordable) model. They made others: black, titanium, sterling silver, and even gold. I went with the snazzy white one, though I love silver and would have bought that. I wasn't so sure about the device to spend that kind of money! The seller recently offered limited edition sterling silver Q-Links at nearly half the price. I jumped at the chance to upgrade to the silver one I had wanted, and this one has a nifty Om symbol on it.

Now that I have my new Q-Link, I'm feeling a little nostalgic about the old one. I've worn it for two years, after all. I've charged it with Reiki. I've adjusted it to show when it worked with any given outfit, and to hide when it didn't. The only times I haven't worn it was while coloring my hair (and then, it wasn't that far away from me). It's nothing crazy; I don't think I'm going to drop dead if I take this off. Really, I want it to get some use still. It seems a sad end to just put it in my jewelry box because I have a new shiny one. That might be the way it has to be. But, I've asked the manufacturer and the authorized dealer if they have any ideas/suggestions/recommendations for my old Q-Link. We'll see.

I know it's a silly thing, but this pendant became a constant; it was always with me. Whether it works or not is not the point!

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