Thursday, September 11, 2008

Even Better

Miss Luna knocked my electric razor off the bathroom counter at 0400. It made a loud noise. Then, she knocked my water bottle off the kitchen counter (where she knows she does not belong) at 0500 and it made a loud noise too. I decided to get up and do twenty-five minutes on the elliptical. She still didn't get fed until 0600.

Last night, I turned on my pocket pc to get the date of my next dental appointment and found that it had been too long since I used it last. The batteries had run down and the entire thing got wiped. While it's not too hard to find my appointment time (just locate the last receipt) what really sucks is that I had a story that I started a good three years ago saved on it. Yes, I do back-up my pocket pc, but it's been a while since I did that. I don't have all of my story, but I was able to recover most of it after the panic went away. I know I should have a good bit of it somewhere else too. I was writing on my desktop in a notepad and I e-mailed that to one of my many e-mail accounts. I just have to find it, and more will be recoverd. I've been working on another story recently, you see, so this one hasn't gotten any attention for a while. I'm just very glad it's not all gone. That's happened before too.

I got to visit with my godson again today, but this time LDS invited me to join them for dinner. We had yummy tacos and spent many hours chatting. I just got home! Phoenix said she was going to call around 2230 if I wasn't home yet, because that is very unlike me to be out so late. I told her I would have called at 2200, our bedtime (though we rarely actually hit that) if I was going to be any later.

It's not like we have to run all plans by each other or anything, just that it's nice to have someone know where you are in case something happens. And, friends are going to worry if they expect you to be somewhere and you're not there. My awesome roommate fed Miss Luna for me. She's so great!

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