Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Poor LDS managed to catch herself a virus. We have lunch together when the other ladies are not available, and they won't be for the rest of the week. That's ok, because I can work on my writing when I don't have lunch with others. But, still, company is nice.

Not the half of it is that I know LDS is annoyed because she can't really hold her son, lest he catch what she has. She left a message on my phone last night to tell me, and to hope that she didn't give it to me when she came to work on Monday. At first, I thought she might. I went through today feeling awful. My eyes were red and swollen, I had a terrible headache, and I was incredibly tired. As it turns out, it was Phoenix's laundry detergent.

She bought this stuff and was using it for a few weeks, but recently realized that was the cause of her constant migraines. She told me I could finish it off for her, so I washed two loads in the stuff last night. They're in the dryer now, having been washed again with my nice, safe, dye and fragrance free stuff. She's got something to do tonight, so I'll tell her tomorrow to throw that crap away. Yuck!

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