Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Meaning of Tired

For some reason, the park closed at 2000 yesterday, which is early compared to the regular season. I figured it was because a lot of schools start today and the park really does its part to be responsible about that. It must have been popular demand from the locals.

We hardly hit any traffic on the way back, and Han got me home by 2300, and I was happily cleaned up and in bed before midnight.

I am dragging today. Very little work is coming in and, as far as I know, the extra project I've been working on is over so I won't have that to do either. Maybe things will pick up as the day goes on.

Today, I'm tired. But it's a good tired. It's the tired of someone who had an active day prior. And I think I only got a tiny bit of sun.

Poor Han had a very late night Sunday, and a later night because he had to drive home after dropping me off (after a very active day, no less). I did suggest that he could stay at my place for the night, but he did not have anything with him (you know, like clothes that weren't swim shorts and such). He's probably still in bed right now, at least. He doesn't have to work until the evening.

Now, we're trying really hard to get together to see Wishful Drinking, but it's not going to be in the area for very long, and poor Han only has off on Mondays when all theaters around here are dark (that's why he has off then). We'll see. There's a lot of things coming up that a bunch of my friends are hoping to be able to see (I might actually get to see Jeff Dunham live!).

Oh, dear. I'm tired and I'm bored. I think I need more coffee.

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