Saturday, September 27, 2008

Leaving On a Jet Plane

After I take dear Phoenix to the airport, I'm heading straight to my parent's place. I get to avoid paying any tolls that way. I thought about coming back home for another few hours of sleeping, since we got to bed awfully late, but it's nice to save a buck and change from the toll road too.

Today is my mother's birthday. Dad and I pitched in together and got her a Wii. They recently got some hard wood floors put in, and mom said she didn't need a Wii because she wasn't sure of putting it (as in, the Wii Fit, which I stole from her and haven't replaced yet) on the floor. What she was really trying to say is that she has had no luck finding a Wii and so had given up wanting one. I hope she likes it!

Happy birthday, mom!

Happy birthday, mom's sister!

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