Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Start to Complain When There's No Rain

But, not today! We didn't break any sales records, but we had a decent day. People came, they were not scared by the threat of rain that didn't happen anyway, and some of them bought things. It was a rather busy day.

However, one of the Toadettes did have a little too much tequila and had to sober up before she could make it to the car of another Toadette to drive her home. She's the smallest of all of us, and had six or seven shots during the course of the day, three of those were during my six-hour shift. I have a feeling she had more than six or seven, though. Most of that tequila was awful stuff anyway.

Maybe next weekend will be significantly reduced in shots. Not because I couldn't take it, just because I'm not very fond of it.

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