Sunday, September 14, 2008


Mom and I had a nice salon day today. I got my brows waxed (it's been a while) and a really nice hair treatment that required fifteen minutes under a dryer. It was a tad boring, but my hair looks and feels so nice now.

My roommate has been trying to grow her hair out (and succeeding, I might add). She's been reading a lot of long hair care websites. I've had my hair long for years and never did anything special to it. But there are things my hair does that I don't like. So, I decided to follow some of this advice.

I got a boar bristle brush. This is probably the hardest thing to get used to. I've been using wide-toothed combs for decades. The bristles distribute the natural oils from the scalp to the usually dryer ends. I feel like I've seen some improvement there. I haven't abandoned my comb.

I started washing just my scalp with shampoo. The amount that runs down the rest of my hair is enough to get it clean without drying it out. Conditioner gets concentrated on the ends where it's needed more. I've also taken to washing twice a week. That made me a little apprehensive, but my hair is amazingly not oily and disgusting between washings. Maybe it got oily before because I dried it out so much with frequent washings? I've never been a fan of hair dryers, which is recommended to be avoided, and I've stopped vigorously rubbing my hair in a towel to speed drying, which can cause breakage.

I also started braiding my hair before going to bed. Phoenix said it helps with preventing pulls, snags, and tangles that happen when one sleeps. It also gives my bone-straight locks a nice light wave, and the look of more volume.

I'm hoping to do a henna root touch-up Friday, which is by far the best thing I do for my hair. Some of the sites that she found also recommend monthly hot oil treatments and a thirty minute pre-wash jojoba oil treatment on the ends. I haven't done these yet, but I'll add them to my list.

All in all, it's been a week and a half or so, and I've already seen improvement in the condition and obvious health my hair. Maybe there is something to these things.

I never thought I'd write an entire blog about caring for my hair!

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