Monday, September 01, 2008

Was It Really Labor Day?

Seriously, was it? I mean, I thought the first Monday in September was Labor Day, and day when most people in this fine country do not actually have to labor. It makes a long weekend where many people take the last trips of the summer vacationing season. Gas prices have dropped, so tripping should be up. I have never in my life heard of an amusement park being so empty on a holiday such as this as it was today.

This was good news for us, of course, because it translated to very little waiting in line, which is always great for such a place. The group this year was the lovely young lady who coordinated the mess this year and last, Han's younger brother and his girlfriend, and of course Han and I. It wasn't an even number, but it ended up working out quite well.

We missed the water park completely this time. I think we kept hitting things on our way and before we knew it, it was 1600 and just too late to be getting in the water. We did hit the two water rides that are not part of the water park (more accurately, the group rode one, and Han and I went to the other after we were already wet), so it wasn't a completely dry day. Then we rode some of the older wooden coasters, and I think it's about time to retire those. One in particular was a lot more bumpy and rickety than Han or I remembered. They did have a new coaster this year that was a lot of fun.

We took another of those Olde Time photographs, this time I've been promised that they will be scanned so I can actually have a copy (and last year's too).

I know I'm going to be tired tomorrow, but it was a well-spent day.

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