Saturday, May 26, 2007

And the Heat Begins

We decided to go to the north landing at Jug Bay today; take the Western Branch up a bit then stop at Mount Calvert Mansion and archaeological site. We tried to get in the water early, but we didn't make it before 1050.

We found a couple little side creeks to duck into to avoid the river tours. Did you know that goslings can hold their breath underwater for a very long time? Three little baby geeses dove when they saw us coming. Fox and I were getting worried. It was a long time before they came back up. But, they did!

The mansion was actually open today. There was a little exhibit about the history of the area with some of the artifacts they've been finding at the dig site. The quartz arrow head was pretty neat.

When we were ready to head back, there was a canoe class who decided to stop there as well. In fact, they decided to land right in our way and take up the whole beach (which wasn't much). The teacher of the group didn't tell the people to leave us room to get out until they were already pulling up, and after my mother had said "you're blocking us in." I thought one pair was going to put their canoe on top of my kayak! Fox and I had to carry it out of 'their' way. You know, folks, a little courtesy in the water wouldn't kill you.
We got back to the cars around 1400 or so. It was so hot by then! The humidity suddenly climbed. The paddle back was actually pretty difficult. We were pouring water over us as we were loading. It was so hot.

Cheers to the air-conditioned house!

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