Monday, May 21, 2007

Would You Say I'm Crazy

If I told you I wanted to learn ventriloquy? For no other reason than that I think it's cool?

If you don't think it's cool, you're nuts! Have you ever seen a skilled ventriloquist perform? (If not, you're in luck, get ye a DVD.) There are no batteries and no snazzy special effects (what the heck is snazzy, anyway?). Just a puppet and a person who knows how to control their voice without their lips. Amazing!

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

While I trust the waters of the Patuxent River are clean enough to be on my skin and on my boat, I wouldn't eat fish from there, nor drink the water, nor do I really wish to swim in it. With that said, I will offer this little bit of advice. If you should cut yourself, even a little bit, and perhaps it bleeds and perhaps it doesn't, clean it out and cover it up right then and there. If you don't, you may forget, and if you forget, you may wake up the next morning with a swollen immobile joint and a tiny bit of infection.

Yes, I forgot about the teeny tiny little bit of a pinprick cut I got on my finger yesterday from my zipper pull. I had just put my glove on and figured it would be ok like it normally is, and if it looked too bad, I'd clean it up when I got home. I glanced at it, in that one second, it looked fine! Maybe now, I'll be more mindful of the dirty water I spend my weekends in.

Work has been pretty taxing today. One of my coworkers is out and I have to do his work, one of my coworkers is leaving at the end of the week and I have to learn her work. At least they had people doing mine in my absence (and pretty well, I might add, there were 37 jobs waiting for me today, I left it at 114). And I'm once again confident that the work will get done when I'm not here on Wednesday for a dental appointment.

With that said, I need to get back to work!

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