Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It Came From a Bottle

Know this now, and I'm not afraid to admit to it, if you ever see a tan on me, it came from a bottle.

Really! My skin is so fair (thanks, dad) that I completely skip the tanning part and go right to burning. I have a natural SPF in the negative. I wear long sleeves even in the humid summer heat. A sunscreen of SPF 30 gives me about 15 minutes in the sun before I start to burn. I have to reapply every hour or so when I'm out lest I turn redder than the Little Old Lady from Pasadena 's Dodge.

Maybe that's not entirely true; there was one summer not too long ago where I actually had a natural tan, and it wasn't just the burn fading. That's only happened once.

Now, I rely on self-tanners and slightly darker make-up for that summer bronze glow. And apparently my new bottle (Jergen's Natural Glow, if you want to know, actually a fast emptying tube) works really well. Since I started using it, I've had several people comment on my tan and how my skin looks good and healthy. Yeah, that's because the sun didn't do it!

Thanks, everyone, for saying my skin looks great!

Can you tell that I'm really reaching for something to talk about today? Oh! I've got more!

Today, it was hotter than Hell. Truly! I looked it up! Chantilly was one degree hotter than Hell, though Hell had more humidity today. You think I'm joking? To confirm all suspicions, Hell is a town in Michigan. It shares its zip code with Pinckney. For the record, Hell freezes over every year.

Their awesome 'unofficial' website is over here. I totally want to visit Hell! Don't worry, I'll bring my SPF 70 sunblock!

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