Monday, May 28, 2007

Memories on the Water

Fox and mom and I went to the landing a bit further north at the Queen Anne 4-H Center today. This part of the river is usually very swift with quite a lot of obstacles. We figure they will be clearing some of it for the week-long Patuxent River Sojourn in June, so we wanted to see what they might have done. We were in the water at 0940, which wasn't so bad.

The first major obstacle was a very very swift current and fairly shallow water. We couldn't paddle through it, so we had to get out and walk. I stepped out into a place that was deeper than I had thought, and the river was taking my kayak! Well, it didn't really take my kayak, I still had one leg in, but that ankle got scraped against my peddle drive. Ouch! Don't worry, this one didn't bleed, but the cold water stung like crazy.

I feel like we got further along the river than we ever had, but I'm not so sure. There was one log that we had to crawl over before, and one that we never made it past. The first log wasn't there. The second may not have been there either, but there was another log in our way and we still couldn't make it to the bridge at Central Avenue. That's my goal some day, you see.

The current is so swift that what took us an hour and ten minutes to get up, it was less than 40 minutes going back. I love this river!

We've got a few minutes to clean up, then we're out again, off to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. My life never stops!

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