Sunday, May 13, 2007

No Rest on the Weekend

After being out late for Friday's movie, I had to get up early, go to the store with mom, go to the airport with mom, then go to my grandmother's with mom and aunt, all on one bagel at 0900.

Mom and I admit that was pretty stupid. Running around like crazy on no food isn't a good way to spend the day. But the frozen pizza we had for dinner was good. (thawed and heated, of course!)

This morning, mom woke me up before she went to church. She was making rolls for tonight's dinner and needed to leave before they were done. My job was to set the timer for 12 minutes after they were done rising and turn on the oven. No problem. I still would have time to run to the store and buy her flowers (which I couldn't do any other time except while she's at church. I'm not a last minute gift giver, that was just the only time it worked out, and the only thing my mom ever seems to want is flowers, which would die if I got them sooner). Still, no problem. The alarm sounded that rising was done. I set the timer, turned on the oven, and proceeded to get dressed. There was even a fleeting moment when I thought I should make sure I actually started the timer, but of course I did, I was right there.

You know where this is going, don't you?

No, I did not start the timer. By the time I realized this (hmm...I'm sure twelve minutes have passed by now), they had been in the oven, baking away for thirty minutes. I think I could have been arrested for running a suspected deadly weapon factory. The inside of the the rolls were nice and warm and chewy, but you had to break into them. I did manage to run to the store and get mom some roses before she got home, when I admitted to the thorough burning of the rolls. That's life! We'll just have to buy some on our way.

After mom got back from church, it was off to the EMS kayak demo day. Fox and his wife got to show off their new cars, both Hondas. We're trendsetters, I tell you! Fox as a cute little Fit. I want one of those! It's adorable!

Do you remember a couple years ago, before I bought my first kayak the Hobie Lanai? I was looking at a Prowler by Ocean Kayaks. I had tried one then and felt it was very wobbly and unstable. Well! What a difference two seasons of experience makes! I loved that kayak! I tried a Prowler 13 (that number indicated feet of length, my Mirage is about 9.5). It was 54 lbs, up a bit from the 48 lbs of my Hobie. This was a nice kayak. I also tried a Prowler that had a rudder with foot controls. That boat was 69 lbs, it was heavy, didn't sit deep in the water and took a lot of effort to move. I didn't like it at all! I guess if I was going to do a lot of fishing, that would be the right kayak. I'm not a fisher. But I wouldn't mind one of those Prowlers (the non-angler edition seems to suit me better).

They also had some kayaks that I've never seen before. This brand was Necky. I tried the Chatham 16, great lightweight boat for going straight with little effort, even at 51 lbs, but turning was HARD! I need a more sporty boat as it is, with all the little bends and turns in the creeks we like to paddle. The Necky that I really liked was the Manitou Sport. This boat was almost 11 feet long and weighed 44 lbs. It was short so it turned easily, and it was light so it moved through the water quickly. If I were to have a second boat, it would be this one. It's an open cockpit style, very different from the sit on tops of the Hobies and the Prowler, but I really liked it.

Afterwards, I had my last beef hot dog at Johnny Rocket's (if you don't have one near you, I'm sorry! This is such a fun place!). I say last because tomorrow, I'm starting a diet. You might have heard "Eat Right for Your Type" which is a diet that has choice foods based on your blood type. Of course, a lot of my favorite things (bacon, bananas, beef, tomatoes, cashews, to name a few) are on my do not eat list. This will be tough! Then mom and I went to Trader Joe's for a few things. Then it was home, put stuff away, shower and change, back out to the store for rolls, and off to my grandmother's for mother's day dinner.

It was nice. We watched Lady in the Water again. And now that I'm home, I've got just enough time to brush my teeth and fall into bed! I'm tired!

Happy Mother's Day, mom. I'm glad you're my mother, and I'm glad you're my friend.


Willow Goldentree said...

Good luck on your diet!! I'm here for support if you need it. :)

Fyrecreek said...

Thanks! It's going to be hard. Especially the lack of some of my favorite cheeses. I can still have Old Bay, though! But crabs are on the do not eat list. :.(