Friday, May 25, 2007

I Feel Like I Have Nothing to Write Today

I actually got to partake of OBC's early closing day today. We were home before my mother! I will regrettably admit that I did a whole lot of nothing since I got home from work.

Despite the shorter day, I was very productive at work today. Maybe that makes up for the doing nothing afterwards.

I've had very little to eat today. I know; not good! I had a hard boiled egg and some coffee for breakfast with a couple small apple filled pastries around 0900. Then half a grapefruit, a soy cheese sandwich, and some peanuts for lunch around 1500. And finished it all off with a salad and four bites of chicken just now at 2000. You know? I think I can afford some ice cream!

Let's see...weekend! Tomorrow is kayaking, Sunday is VARF, Monday is more kayaking. And my weekend is so full already, I don't think we'll have time for Pirates. Maybe next weekend.

Let me get back to doing nothing!

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