Thursday, May 10, 2007

In the Name of the Season

Every morning on my way to work, I drive through a park formerly known as Walney. I've never actually spent any time here other than driving through it in the mornings, but it is filled with trails and trees and event halls and a little meandering creek.

All through the winter, we got a great view of the creek where we cross it and deeper into the forest. We occasionally joke about how creek-like it is, or is not after a rain. The water trickles on by most days, and some days, there are downright rapids there!

This morning, I looked out my window and smiled at this little creek on its lazy way as we crossed its little bridge. Just down the road, you can see a bend through the trees, and I looked, expecting to see the water rushing by some fallen branches and rocks.

What I saw was not the creek at all, but a verdant curtain of growth. The trees were thick with Spring leaves layering the view with ruffles of leaf-covered branches.

The forest is springing with life, obscuring the view of the forest floor, and the fallen branches, and the rocks, and the little creek.

What a wondrous day to be surrounded by the lushness of life.

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Anann said...

That sounds beautiful. :)