Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spiderman 3

I've established that these films that are based on books (or comic books) are actually not so bad if you expect them to be nothing like their original counterparts.

With that said, this film was amazing! (Spoilers may follow, stop reading now if you haven't seen it but plan to.)

I think it was the best of the three. That's saying quite a bit actually, because MJ spent the film moping and whining 'poor me' about her failing acting career. Sorry to say, she wasn't a good actor from movie #2 when seeing someone in the audience made her forget her lines. Being an actor myself, I can make a judgement on that!

So, MJ is moping, and Peter is kind of oblivious to it, but he tired, he just forgot the first rule of relationships: when your girlfriend has a problem, shut up and listen. That was kind of annoying.

There was a point that drew an audible gasp out of the audience. A mark of some good filmmanship (like my word?). And by the end, you really really wanted the bad-guy-turned-good to make it out ok.

Yup, definitely on the list of things to see and see again. I saw it with Monty last night, I still need to take my mother. Maybe next week. GAH! Shrek 3 is next week!

Harry Potter 5 preview was totally cool!

Oh, and THE movie I am waiting for opens on the fourth of July. I'm so there. I don't know how, because I know we plan to kayak that day, but I have to be there!

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